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Does it hurt?

Your comfort is very important  and because of this local  anesthetic  is applied to numb the area before and during your procedure.  

 Pain level if any on a scale from 1-10, would be a 2. Most clients  enjoy a FREE Nap and compares minor discomfort to   “Eyebrow Threading” 


*** Keep in Mind Hypersensitivity may occur during or around the time of  your menstrual cycle. 

Other than that enjoy the calming sounds of Soul R&B to Classical Jazz. 


How long does the procedure  take?

The procedure can take anywhere between 3- 4 hours for your initial appointment. You can’t rush perfection and it is my goal to ensure that my clients are comfortable with every step of the process. From paperwork, to proper numbing and answering all Q&A in order to select the perfect brow for you. 


Touch up Appointment : 2 hrs 


Do I choose my Brow Shape?

This part is a team effort. I will be using my expertise  to achieve symmetry. The goal is to keep it natural and enhance what you already have. ( even if its just the natural bone structure lol) However, I always listen to my clients needs/ wants  and together we will create the perfect broe for YOU.


*** I never start any service until you absolutely LOVE the shape ( pre-draw) 


How long will results last ?

Results will vary based on lifestyle, age and skin type and play a major role in the longevity of your brows. Depending on your selected brow technique they can last 12mnths -2yrs. 


 Please note that since the pigment is not implanted as deep as a traditional tattoo, your pigment will fade gradually until it eventually fades away. To assure longevity of your brows (keeping the integrity of the color) . TOUCH UPS are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


How Often will i need to return for a Touch Up? 

6-8 weeks after your initial Appointment. At your touch up appointment the goal will be to achieve fullness if combination or microbladed brow was performed during your initial service. 


For Ombre, I will build on that color to achieve the desired healed results of the client.


Please note that the number of touch ups needed may vary based on lifestyle and skin type and proper aftercare is essential. 




Do you have a referral program ?

Yes! For EVERY referral + Book= $25 OFF your next Service! Just be sure that they mention your name! NO Limit REQUIRED 



Book with a friend and you BOTH will receive $50 OFF your service! 

Appointments MUST be scheduled for the SAME DAY ! NO Exceptions 

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