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This form of cosmetic tattooing is performed manually. Artist will create hair- like strokes throughout the brows using a disposable blade, and pigment. This technique is great for both men and women who desire natural and fuller eyebrows. Results will vary based on skin type, lifestyle and proper aftercare. 


Just Hair Strokes

Quantity of touches may vary 

  • Possible scarring 

  • Service is not ideal for clients with oily skin, darker skin tones 

  • Not good for coverups

  • Last up to 12months 

  • 1st Touch Up will be needed 6-8 weeks after initial service




This technique is performed using a single needle and permanent make-up device. With this technique, the artist will strategically build the color to achieve a beautiful powered brow. Giving the client the choice of keeping it soft and natural or bold and makeup ready! 


Shading that is lighter at the front and darker towards the tail.

  • 1 Touch Up needed 

  • Annual Color Boost *Highly Recommended 

  • Perfect for All Skin Types

  • Good for Cover Ups 

  • Last up to 2yrs 



This technique is simply a combination of the Microblading and Ombre Shading to give you more of a fuller and defined brow. 


Hair strokes and Shading 

  • This brow is great for adding density and extra “fluff” to your brows.

  • 1 Touch Needed 

  • Last up to 2 years 

  • Ideal for clients with combination, normal and dry skin types 


Nano Brows Coming Soon *

Ombre Brows
Combination Brows
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